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jennikim319 in ur_my_melody

Hug Fan Lyrics (Sung by Me)

I created fan lyrics and sang to TVXQ's debut song 'HUG', so I hope you'll enjoy it! Plus, I entered it for a TVXQ contest, so I hope that if you like the fanlyrics, then you'll vote for me!

I entered this video for a TVXQ contest, so if you enjoyed the fanlyrics then I hope you'll vote for me here (I'm jennykim319 on the poll):


You can see other entries here: http://z8.invisionfree.com/Asteria/index.php?showtopic=2167&st=0&#entry4340833 If you enjoyed the other entries then you can vote for them, but I really hope that if you enjoyed this video you can vote for me ~

Also, this video was also submitted in the DBSK contest in seoulbeats and it got honorable mention. Hope you'll leave comments either here or Youtube about the fanlyrics ~

Hope this post is allowed, I wasn't too sure how to tag it, so if someone could properly tag or tell me how to tag this right then I'll fix it ^^ If this post isn't allowed then I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused!


DBSK, you are my favorite group of all time, oh baby
The fainting gorgeousness and beautiful voices x5
Makes me lose my mind

U-Know you are the leader
Who just loves to take off his shirt
And I must confess
That I love your chest
You are the best!

I always stare at your pictures
Until I feel like my heart will burst!
"Oh my gosh, no shirt!"
You're so hot it hurts.
I promise I'm not a pervert

My favorite couple is YunJae
All those lemon fics blow me away
With Yunho on top, how is it not hot?!
Its not my fault I like my men...to be gay

OMG Micky, can you please speak English to me? Oh baby
I'll go crazy if you don't 'cause that's my #1 dream!
Plus you're a cutie ;)

Oh Junsu, you're high dolphin voice
Made me squeal so now I have no choice
But to kidnap you and hug you until you turn blue

Changmin, you're too adorable
Your cuteness should be so illegal
Like a crazed fangirl,
I scream and giggle
I swear I am not a stalker

Jaejoong you look so feminine
Like an angel who fell from heaven
You're my favorite one
Who's stolen my heart
Nobody can stop me to say

In my mind, you will find
That you all make me crazy
I'm just a fan girl who wants to meet you, baby
On TV, when I see
You dancing and singing
I can't hold back anymore

I hear your songs every day
In the mornings they keep me awake
Voices clear and pure,
Manly and mature,
Your voices make me feel secure

Nine of your songs are on my 'Top 25 Most Played' on my iPod
Korean, Chinese, English, Japanese
You truly are the 'Rising Gods of the East'.



Really?! Thank you!

I think that would be fun! Plus, it'll encourage others to post here on the comm. ^^

January 2010

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