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Mar. 28th, 2009

cutie pie


current collab auditions

I was surfing YouTube for Groupdub auditions and a found a couple of DBSK ones looking for participants.

I am not the owner of any of these groupdubs.

A lot of people stepped out of this one, so I think it'd be so nice for you guys to try out for this one.

More under the cut.Collapse )

Also, here's a SHINee one!



Here's a cover~

I did a cover to Shine a while back, but it's on my other computer, which is in limbo right now, LOL! So yesterday, because I was home alone, I decided to re-record it! 8D So I figured I'd post it here! ^___^ Please give me your opinions and comments so that I can improve~ Thank You! I know some parts probably could have used a little more...hmmm, I dunno how to put it XD

Um, I'm not sure how people prefer to listen to it...I know you'd probably prefer to listen to it without downloading, so I put it on zshare, if that's okay ^^v I could put it on imeem, but I mostly use that for posting Korean lessons and that'd take too long, so...zshare!

TVXQ's Shine, cover by Sirenasfun~

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Mar. 21st, 2009


Anyone interested in doing a collab?

Collab time! hahaha
Collab...collab...collabbb...Collapse ) 

Because I feel like posting a pic, showing how ecstatic I am about this project XD:

Mar. 19th, 2009



A Couple Collabs

as promised...i'm here to share a couple collabs i did with some friends.  if u're wondering which one is me, i'm the one who can't sing.  XD  well, if u must know...i'm usually yunho.  ^^ 
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Mar. 18th, 2009

♡ zelda -- link “+ teddy &lt;3”


Posting some covers too.. :)

You might've heard two of them in dbsg already, but there are two more now ne~

Darkness Eyes acapella, Mirotic, You're My Melody acapella and Doushite...Collapse )

Any constructive criticism is welcomed. <3

Mar. 17th, 2009


Hi Everyone! Rules! And 1st Cover!

Hello everyone out there!
I'm May, the maintainer of this community.
The main reason why I started this community was that I know there are a LOT of fans out there who love to sing the songs of their favorite singer/bands.
In this case, it's TVXQ.
Since I love singing (and unfortunately, suck at it), I thought it would be nice to meet other fans who, like me, express their love for TVXQ by singing.
I, myself, only sing in the shower, and I've never had any singing experience whatsoever.
But I'm stepping out of my comfort zone because I feel that, as a fan, I should contribute in some form to the fandom
(while also getting tips/feedback from you guys so I can maybe improve my singing and impress my friends on our karaoke outings - teehee!)
I hope you'll all find this community a safe and comfortable place where you can also share your covers of TVXQ songs.
I'm looking forward to seeing y'all post away!

RulesCollapse )

Cover: Kim Junsu Rainy NightCollapse )

Mar. 15th, 2009


TVXQ Songs [Japanese] Other Songs/Singles

  • Just For One Day (The Grace feat. Jejung) [Lyrics]
  • Tokyo Lovelight (Makai feat. Yoochun) [Lyrics]
  • One Piece anime 10th theme song: We Are! [Lyrics]
All lyrics/instrumentals from dbskarchives.blogspot.com


TVXQ Songs [Japanese Albums] T

  1. Trick [Lyrics]
  2. NO? [Lyrics]
  3. Purple Line [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  4. Forever Love [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  5. Summer Dream [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  6. Ride On [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  7. Darkness Eyes [Lyrics]
  8. Lovin' You [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  9. Rainbow [Lyrics]
  10. Shine [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  11. Last Angel [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  12. CLAP! [Lyrics]
  13. Love in the Ice [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  14. Song For You [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  15. Day Moon ~ハルダル~ [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  16. Beautiful Life (Japanese) [Lyrics]
  17. You're My Miracle (Japanese) [Lyrics]
  18. Kissしたまま、さよなら [Lyrics]
All lyrics/instrumentals from dbskarchives.blogspot.com


TVXQ Songs [Japanese Albums] Five in the Black

  1. ZION [Lyrics]
  2. Sky [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  3. Begin [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  4. Choosey Lover [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  5. High time [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  6. DEAD END [Lyrics] [Remix Version Instrumental]
  7. PROUD [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  8. 約束 [Lyrics]
  9. Miss You [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  10. “O” -正・反・合 (Japanese Version) [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  11. I’ll be there (Japanese Version) [Lyrics]
  12. Step by Step [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  13. Hello again [Lyrics]
  14. Whole New World [Lyrics]
All lyrics/instrumentals from dbskarchives.blogspot.com


TVXQ Songs [Japanese Albums] Heart, Mind, and Soul

  1. Introlude
  2. 言葉はいらない (Kotoba wa Iranai) [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  3. 明日は来るから (Asu wa Kuru Kara) [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  4. Somebody to love [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  5. My Destiny [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  6. HUG (Japanese Version) [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  7. Break Up The Shell [Lyrics]
  8. Stay with me tonight [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  9. 愛せない愛したい (Aisenai Aishitai) [Lyrics]
  10. One (Japanese Version) [Lyrics]
  11. Rising Sun (Japanese Version) [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  12. Eternal [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
  13. Heart, Mind and Soul [Lyrics] [Instrumental]
All lyrics/instrumentals from dbskarchives.blogspot.com

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