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April 2009 Song of the Month

This month's song is...

Kiss the Baby Sky

I thought this song fits pretty well with April. I mean, c'mon! It's spring!!!
So, I encourage all of you out there to do your own cover of this song and post it here on ur_my_melody.
In the future, I'll put up polls so you guys can vote on the monthly covers, but since, it's too late for that this time, I just decided to pick one for you guys...sorry la for this time!

Have fun with this one you guys!!!

By the way, I apologize for not being too on top of things...life's been kind of hectic lately O.o


yeah...i luv this song. chun sounds so darn happy...it makes me happy listening to it. :D
same!!! today was awfully dreary outside...but when I listened to this song, the world seemed so much brighter! XD
uwaa, kiss the baby sky's key is high! maybe i'll try to play it on guitar to change the key...

you're right though, it suits well for spring ^^

don't worry, i think you're totally on top of things. of course, other responsibilities have to come before this =op
i could lower the pitch of the instrumental for u if u like. ^^
the lyrics are hard!!! XP
I guess I picked a difficult one here ^^
WHOA~ The pitch seems kinda high but I think I'll try it~ :3 It's such a cute song!

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